What to say in a RESTAURANT in Spanish

What are you going to do in B.A if you only know how to say:  “una cerveza, por favor”  Starve? It is not a good idea, so, in this lesson are some phrases and vocabulary that can be useful when  going to a restaurant or a bar.

If we want meat, there are different options to choose from:

Jugosa (Rare) Vuelta y vuelta (Rare)

A punto (Medium)

Bien cocida (Well done)

And it can be cooked in different ways:

A la parrilla (grilled)

A la plancha (grilled)

A la cacerola (pot roast)

Al horno (baked meat)

Frita (Fried meat)

With potatoes and vegetables  we can also select:

Al horno (Baked)

Fritas/ A la sartén (Fried)

Hervidas (boiled)

Sometimes the waiter will ask us:  ¿Suave o Picante? (Normal or spacy)

A typical  argentinian sauce that is a little spicy “chimichurri” (olive oil, vinegar, onion, garlic, red bell pepper, oregano, tomato, hot chili flakes)

What about drinks?

We can ask:

Con hielo/Sin hielo (With or without ice)

Fría (Cold)

Caliente (Hot)

Natural (Warm)

Con/ sin  azúcar (With or without sugar)

Café cortado (Coffe with a milk drop)

Café con leche (Coffe and milk: half and half)

Una lágrima (Latte)

What kind of conversation  can I have with the waiter?

–          ¿Qué va a comer? ¿Qué va a pedir? Qué desea?  (What are you going to eat?/ What are you going to order?/ What do you want?)

–          Quisiera/ Me gustaría/ Le pido (I would want/ I would like/ I ask you): un bife de lomo.

What can I ask the waiter?

–          ¿Qué es “Cebolla”? (What is “Cebolla”?: Is onion)

–          ¿Qué lleva? ¿Qué tiene? (What is it take?)

–          ¿Es grande? ¿Es para compartir? (Is big like for share it?)

If you need anything extra you should ask:

¿Podría traer otra copa, por favor?. (Could you bring me another cup, please?

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