What is an easy book to read in Spanish?

Usually students ask me “What is an easy book to read in Spanish?”

The first thing I will say is: All the books look difficult to the beggining, but if you continue, you will realize that it becomes easier, because you will learn new vocabulary in the first pages, and then, you will need to search less in the dictionary each time.

What can you read?

  • Diario (Newspaper), short articles are usually a good practice to see if you can understand the principal idea of the news. Yahoo news Argentina usually has short news and also easy vocabulary.
  • Mafalda: It´s a comic from Quino. It´s fun, short and is about a 10 year old girl who is very smart and her Group of friends and family. Also, we love this girl in Argentina (you can see her statue in San Telmo)
  • A book with Short Stories: I usually read with my advance students a couple of storys from the book “Dublin al Sur” by Isidoro Blastein. Also you can search in Google for texts from Hernán Casciari.
  • El Principito. It is a short book that maybe you have read in your own language.

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