“ Tardar”: it is the time that someone or something takes to do something.

El micro tarda 11 horas en llegar a Mendoza. The bus takes 11 hours to get to Mendoza.

-¿Cuánto tardás en vestirte? How long will you take to get dressed?
-Tardo 5 minutos.

But notice that it sometimes is “to be late”

Llegué tarde porque tardó el colectivo. I arrived late because the bus took a while

Voy al baño. No tardaré. I go to the bathroom. I will not be late. (I wont take too much time)

“Pasar”: it is mostly translated like “spend time”

El fin de semana lo pasé con mi familia. I spent the weekend with my family.

Pasé 5 horas mirando una serie de Netflix. I spent 5 hours watching a series of Netflix.

¿Cómo la pasaste? Lo pasé bien. How was it? I had a good time.

José pasó años sin conocer a su padre. Jose spent years without meeting his father.

“Durar”: it is the time that something last

Si tuviera una torta en casa no duraría un día. If I had a cake at home it would not last a day.

Prefiero comprar ropa más cara pero que dure. I prefer to buy more expensive clothes but that lasts.

La clase dura 1 hora. The class lasts 1 hour.

Este auto me duró 15 años. This car lasted for 15 years.

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