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We have a lot of “tricky” verbs in spanish if you are trying to do a literal translation from english to spanish, some of them are the verbs “ir-venir”, “llevar-traer”. We could translate “venir” as “to come”, however we would never say “estoy viniendo” (I am coming) in Spanish. Why? Because these verbs in spanish […]

Start a question with the word NO

There are times when you will hear a native spanish speaker start a question with “NO”. There are different meanings for this. Let´s take a look: 1) ¿No me pasás la sal?: in this case “no” means “please (por favor)”, so it is used to replace that and it is pretty informal. -¿No me das […]

Bien or Bueno?

Many times my students have problems using bueno or bien in phrases. This is a lesson about when it is necesary to use each one. Bien It is an Adverb, so it modificates a verb. Juan canta bien. (Juan sings well) Mariana habla bien alemán. (Mariana speak german well) We can answer the question “how” […]