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We have a lot of “tricky” verbs in spanish if you are trying to do a literal translation from english to spanish, some of them are the verbs “ir-venir”, “llevar-traer”. We could translate “venir” as “to come”, however we would never say “estoy viniendo” (I am coming) in Spanish. Why? Because these verbs in spanish […]

What is Cuán

Have you ever heard about “Cuán”? Many of my students, even advanced students, say “That is the first time I have heard Cuán” when I say this word randomly talking about something else. Maybe it is because the teachers sometimes forgot about teaching it. What is “cuán”? It is an interrogation word that we use […]

Así or Así que

Many of my students get confused about when they should use “así” or “así que” in a sentence. Even when “así” could mean “like this” (Me gusta como te queda el pelo así: I like how your hair looks like this) or have other meanings in some other context, “así” and “así que” are usually […]