Start a question with the word NO

There are times when you will hear a native spanish speaker start a question with “NO”. There are different meanings for this. Let´s take a look:

1) ¿No me pasás la sal?: in this case “no” means “please (por favor)”, so it is used to replace that and it is pretty informal.

-¿No me das fuego? (Could you give me a lighter, please?)
-¿No me prestás la birome? (Could you lend me a pen, please?)
-¿No me preparás un té? (Could you prepare a tea for me, please?)

2) Other times it is used to confirm something with a third person. Like: “Is it not true that….?”

-¿No que Julio Bocca fue el mejor bailarín? (Is it not true that Julio Bocca was the best dancer?)
-¿No que en casa tengo la Play Station 4? (Is it not true that I have the PlayStation 4 at home?)

3) Finally, the person could be asking if you don´t do something. Imagine that everybody is drinking coffee and you are drinking wáter:

-¿No tomás café? (You don’t drink coffee?)
-¿No vas hoy a la escuela? (If you are still in pijamas) (You are not going to school today?)
-¿No comés carne? Te puedo preparar otra cosa. (You don´t eat meat?)

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