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Pronombres de Objeto Directo y Objeto Indirecto

In this Spanish lesson we are going to review Indirect Object pronouns and Direct Object pronouns. The “Direct Object” Is the “what” in a phrase: ví a Juan en el subte (I saw Juan in the Subway) What did I see? Juan; Como pizza todos los viernes (I eat pizza every friday) What did I […]

CHE, ¿Tomamos mate?

Quien haya caminado alguna vez por Bs.As.,  Rosario, o alguna otra ciudad Argentina, probablemente haya escuchado “Che” entre la gente, y se haya preguntado qué significa o si su uso se trata de algún tipo de recordatorio al mítico Che Guevara.

Canciones Para Aprender Español (Songs to Learn Spanish)

Listening to music a great way to learn Spanish. Not only will it help you develop new vocabulary, some songs are great examples of usage of certain verb tenses. This post aims to introduce you to some great Spanish language based music while using the lyrics to give you a killer Spanish Lesson!!

What is VOS?

¿De dónde SOS?, ¿Cuántos años TENÉS?, ¿Y VOS?. These questions quickly confront anyone who comes to Buenos Aires or any other city in the vicinity of Rio del Plata. Even if you are an experienced Spanish speaker you may be surprised when you first hear these pronouns and verb forms. So what in the world […]