About the verb “Soler”

Many times I meet students who are intermediate or advanced students because they have been taken lessons for long time, and many times I figure out that they don`t know what the verb “Soler” means. For example, I say to them an easy phrase like: “Yo solía dar clases en esa escuela”, and they start to look at me very confused until they finally say “Sorry, I don´t understand”.

So, let´s explain the verb “Soler”.

It´s a verb that indicates frequency, so, when I say this verb I want to tell that the next verb is an action that is frequent or it was frequent. We can use this verb in Present or in Preterite Imperfect Tense.

Soler (conjugated) + Infinitive Verb

Present: Yo suelo, vos solés (tú sueles), él-ella-usted suele, nosotros-as solemos, ustedes-ellos-as suelen.

Imperfect: Yo solía, tú-vos solías, usted-él-ella solía, nosotros-as solíamos, ustedes-ellos-as solían.

“Yo suelo tomar mate por la mañana” (I usually drink mate in the morning).

“Patricio y Federica suelen ir al cine los sábados” (Patricio and Federica usually go to the cinema on Sunday)

“De pequeña solía mirar dibujos animados” (When I was a child I used to watch cartoons)

“Solíamos dormir la siesta porque hacía demasiado calor en el pueblo” (We use to take a nap because it was so hot in the town)

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